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Chromatism is a FPS Game which takes place on a closed arena. Player has 3 health bars which are represented by 3 colors (Red, Blue, Green). Each Enemy has a specific color (same colors as health bars). When the player is shot by an enemy, the health bar corresponding to the enemy color decreases. The player has to loot items when he slays an enemy to increase health bars. For instance, a killed blue enemy drops blue items which increase the blue health bar. 

All the three colors have a bonus property for player : 

- Red : Increase speed movement 

- Green : Increase magazin size 

- Blue : Increase bullet damage 

Keep health bars colored full in order to be more powerful !

How to play  :

• Move with ZQSD

• Aim with Mouse

• Shoot with Left click

• Jump with space

• Dash : space + double tape on any direction with ZQSD


Chromatism.rar 81 MB